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A Worshipper

confesses God’s Sovereign Lordship irrespective of life circumstances, or emotions. When overwhelmed and beginning to wonder why God has allowed turmoil to disrupt lives, the worshipper stands firm in his belief, by praising God with a totally sincere heart, knowing that his faith will be rewarded.·The Hebrew word for worship is:Shachah: which means to depress, lay prostrate in homage, bow down, crouch, fall down, humbly beseech, reverence.·All these things are what we need to do as an act of the will.



is a lifestyle, not a stage managed event for the visual amusement of audiences. It's something we must do, personal or corporate, it doesn't matter as long as we do it. Worship is not about the state of the person leading the worship service, nor is it about whether or not we like the songs that are being sung. Worship is about God, and allowing the Spirit of the Lord to dwell amongst us, creating an atmosphere that only exists with His presence. Worship is an act of the will irrespective of our feelings. Worship is the expression of an overflowing heart.


After a season

in the wilderness experiencing totally new, refreshing and extremely challenging chapters in my life, expanding spiritual vision without having boundaries or limitations restricting growth, and rising from within the worldly comfort zone structures to follow the pre-ordained steps ordered by God to further my purpose in His Kingdom. I now return to continue a works of edifying and discussing the elements of the Heavenly realms, with the authority of the blood of Jesus being continually sprinkled upon me.



are what God seeks for His Kingdom, the ones who worship through their lifestyles of trials, adversity or even sometimes just simply joy: John 4:24 says ',,,and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.' The total truth is that worship has absolutely everything to do with our lifestyles, whether good or bad, happy or sad. Its also why authentic worship is not restricted to being within the four walls of a church building. Worship is possible in every aspect of our daily living circumstances, and the realizations of whether its internal or external distinguishes the 'heart of worship' from the 'lips of vanity'.


God is a Spirit

so to have our spirit poised towards Him at all times is paramount for continual communion. A real home truth for you to mull over is that if your knowledge and love of God is weak and found wanting, then unfortunately, so too is your worship, Ouch!!! Sometimes the truth hurts in a way that nothing else can. Worship should be real from within your very soul, engaging every element of your being to maximize 'this little light of mine/yours' into not merely shining, but into becoming a fiery furnace of intensive worshipful expression-filled quickening of the Holy Spirit, with renewed spiritual fulfillment. John 4:34 'Jesus saith unto them, "My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work". '